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Monday, January 7, 2019

How Were Warriors In Full Body Armor Killed In Ancient Battles?

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How Were Warriors In Full Body Armor Killed In Ancient Battles?

If you’ve ever watched a movie based on an ancient war (such as Gladiator, Braveheart, 300, Troy… just to name a few), then you may recall that some warriors in those times wore special armor during battle. Then, there were others who were more privileged than most (knights and nobles, mainly), and wore even better and stronger full-body armor, which rendered them almost invincible against ‘regular’ swords and arrows.
Here, take a look at these various types of armor that could almost completely protect the wearer’s body

Some really good armor there, eh? (Photo Credit : Pixabay)
And these are just a few examples; if you were rich enough or important enough (or both), you could have the best of the best armor, made of strong but (relatively) light materials, to gain an a ‘defensive edge’ on the battlefield.

Quite impressive armor, wouldn’t you say? (Photo Credit : Pixabay)
Despite wearing armor that virtually covered their entire bodies, armor-clad warriors DID die in battles, which makes one wonder how knights wearing such heavy armor were felled using nothing more than swords and arrows.
Before we discuss this any further, let’s first take a look at some interesting aspects related to this discussion:

It’s not just the knights who wore armor

People assume that knights were the only people who wore armor during battles, but this is certainly not true. While there’s no denying that knights were the dominant force of most armies in medieval times and almost all of them wore armor, there were plenty of others who wore it too!

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