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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Turns Out, Donald Trump Wasn’t Able to Ruin Christmas for a Seven-Year-Old

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Turns Out, Donald Trump Wasn’t Able to Ruin Christmas for a Seven-Year-Old

Despite his best efforts, Donald Trump neglected to ruin Christmas for one seven-year-old child. A clip of Trump went viral on Tuesday, showing him on the phone with Collman Lloyd of Lexington, South Carolina, who wanted to ask the president if he knew the current location of Santa Claus. Trump asked Lloyd if she still believed in Santa, which she confirmed.
“Because at seven, that’s 
marginal, right?” he asked.
Fortunately for her, she didn’t understand what the word “marginal” meant, and she has now confirmed that she still believes in Santa Claus and left him cookies on Christmas Eve.
“I was like, ‘wow.’ I was shocked,” she told the Charleston Post and Courier. “It wasn’t really (nerve-wracking), I just had to think of what thetruth was

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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

5 ways to stick with your New Year's fitness resolutions

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5 ways to stick with your New 

    Year's fitness resolutions

These five tips will help you stick to your New Year's fitness resolutions:
Make one change at a time
It's easy to start off the New Year full of energy and grand plans, but starting small will give you a greater chance of success, according to the Mayo Clinic. Instead of planning an unrealistic workout schedule, aim for three days a week. Rather than swearing off all your favorite unhealthy treats, vow to limit them to a day or two a week.
As you succeed with smaller steps, these habits will soon become a routine that you can build on as you add new goals.
Don't go it alone
CNN cites a study that showed social interaction makes people more likely to work out. Instead of going it alone, sign up for a fitness class, join a local running club, walk with a friend during lunch or hire a personal trainer. The social aspect will help keep you going, and you'll be less likely to bail on your plans to exercise.
Even if you don't have people to work out with, a virtual fitness community like those you can create with a FitBit can help you keep on track.
Make it fun
Exercise doesn't have to be drudgery, positive psychology researcher Michelle Gielan told WebMD. Find a way to get fit that also lets you have fun, such as a dance class or other type of exercise that makes you feel happy. If you don't dread it, you'll be more likely to keep going.
Keep a food diary
Losing weight is a popular New Year's resolution. While no one strategy works for everyone, a food diary can be a helpful part of your success. Otherwise, it's easy to underestimate just how much you're eating, forgetting about that vending machine candy bar at work or the snack you had while watching TV.
One study found that people who kept a food diary lost more pounds than people who didn't, according to Business Insider. Consistency was key, whether you keep a printed diary or use an app to help.
Don't be too hard on yourself
It's unrealistic to think that you'll be perfect as you strive to attain your exercise or healthy eating goals, the American Psychological Association says
Accept that you're going to have some ups and downs, and realize that what's important is getting back on track. Otherwise, a missed workout or two can derail you for the rest of the year.

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We are all this cat sticking its head down a trash hole to avoid the vet

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We are all this cat sticking its head down a trash hole to avoid the vet

As the saying goes, life comes at you fast. And that can be true of, say, a series of events that would make you the subject of a Nationwide commercial or the struggle of a cat, blissfully and obliviously catting away before finding itself crammed into a carrier and carted off to the vet.
Such was the plight of an orange and white tabby named “James,” whose mom, writer Ashly Perez, had to bring in for an office visit on Wednesday.
“My cat did not want to be at the vet today. So he kept sticking his head in this trash hole,” Perez tweeted. “I died.”
It seems that James is not the first cat to do this, however, as the tweet went viral others chimed in with photos of their own obviously very incredibly stealth kitties.
The popularity of the tweet can essentially be boiled down to just how wholly relatable it is. Who among us hasn’t wanted to stick their head in a trash hole when waking up on a Monday morning or getting roped into a family gathering?
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Tuesday, December 25, 2018

This Black Woman-Owned Cosmetics Brand Made $1 Million In 90 Minutes

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From the 2018 ESSENCE Festival stage, to a million-dollar Cyber Monday...now 
THAT's some serious Black Girl Magic! 
Some may know Wuzzam Supa aka Supa Cent from her hilarious and viral social media videos. Others may know her as the former waitress-turned-founder and CEO of the equally-viral cosmetics brand, The Crayon Case, whose “Box of Crayons” eyeshadow palette took the beauty 

Now, you can know her as Reynell Steward, the $1 million woman.

RELATED: VIDEO: Wuzzam Supa Talks Celebrating The Beauty Of Bold Make Up On Black And Brown Skin With Her 'Crayon Case' Cosmetics Line 

The proud New Orleans native saw her brand gross $1 million in revenue within an hour during its Cyber Monday sale, showing just how powerful her brand really is and how  
much customers love what she h:; 

Still, Steward’s product proved to only be nostalgic, but the quality of her goods spoke for themselves. The item has since has become such a hot commodity among fans that it has sold out several times, requiring several restocks.
It’s no wonder that fans of the brand and those wanting to try it for the first time took advantage of the Cyber Monday sale, which offered shoppers a whopping 60% off.
Aside from the viral Box of Crayons palette, The Crayon Case has quite an expansive line including highlighters, palettes, lip and eye pencils, other eyeshadow palettes, and lipsticks.

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Sunday, December 23, 2018

How Juul made vaping viral to become worth a dirty $38 billion

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How Juul made vaping viral to 

       become worth a dirty $38 billion

A Juul is not a cigarette. It’s much easier than that. Through devilishly slick product design I’ll discuss here, the startup has massively lowered the barrier to getting hooked on nicotine. Juul has dismantled every deterrent to taking a puff.
The result is both a new $38 billion valuation thanks to a $12.8 billion investment from Marlboro Cigarettes-maker Altria this week, and an explosion in popularity of vaping amongst teenagers and the rest of the population. Game recognize game, and Altria’s game is nicotine addiction. It knows it’s been one-upped by Juul’s tactics, so it’s hedged its own success by handing the startup over a tenth of the public corporation’s market cap in cash.
Juul argues it can help people switch from obviously dangerous smoking to supposedly healthier vaping. But in reality, the tiny aluminum device helps people switch from nothing to vaping…which can lead some to start smoking the real thing. A study found it causes more people to pick up cigarettes than put them down.

How fast has Juul swept the nation? Nielsen says it controls 75 percent of the U.S. e-cigarette market up from 27 percent in September last year. In the year since then, the CDC says the percentage of high school students who’ve used an e-cigarette in the last 30 days has grown 75 percent. That’s 3 million teens or roughly 20 percent of all high school kids. CNBC reports that Juul 2018 revenue could be around $1.5 billion.
The health consequences aside, Juul makes it radically simple to pick up a lifelong vice. Parents, regulators, and potential vapers need to understand why Juul works so well if they’ll have any hope of suppressing its temptations.


It’s tough to try a cigarette for the first time. The heat and smoke burn your throat. The taste is harsh and overwhelming. The smell coats your fingers and clothes, marking you as smoker. There’s pressure to smoke a whole one lest you waste the tobacco. Even if you want to try a friend’s, they have to ignite one first. And unlike bigger box mod vaporizers where you customize the temperature and e-juice, Juul doesn’t make you look like some dorky hardcore vapelord.
Juul is much more gentle on your throat. The taste is more mild and can be masked with flavors. The vapor doesn’t stain you with a smell as quickly. You can try just a single puff from a friend’s at a bar or during a smoking break with no pressure to inhale more. The elegant, discrete form factor doesn’t brand you as a serious vape users. It’s casual. Yet the public gesture and clouds people exhale are still eye catching enough to trigger the questions, “What’s that? Can I try?” There’s a whole other article to be written about how Juul memes and Instagram Stories that glamorized the nicotine dispensers contributed to the device’s spread.
And perhaps most insidiously, vaping seems healthier. A lifetime of anti-smoking ads and warning labels drilled the dangers into our heads. But how much harm could a little vapor do?

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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Astronaut Puzzles (Puzzle Adventures)

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Astronaut Puzzles (Puzzle Adventures)

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Sunday, December 2, 2018

Win an iPhone 7 Plus ! Participate in iPhone 7 Plus Giveaway Contest

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People have the dream to have a device from Apple brand once in their life. Apple iPhone devices are very expensive and also available with high-quality features.
We are here to provide the iPhone 7 plus giveaway for few lucky contestants with our celebration plan. It’s a great chance for the people who are looking to own an iPhone 7 plus device. We are going to celebrate the Republic Lab’s 4th year anniversary with grand offers like iPhone 7 plus giveaway. This is free for the participants who enter their details before the time out.
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Apple iPhone 7 plus

This is one of the better product from the apple launched in September 2016. The device is available with 188g weight with the dimension of 158.2*77.9*7.3mm. The display of the device looks the amazing size of 5.5inches, 1080*1920 pixels of resolutions. The display comes with LED-backlit IPS LCD.  The screen to body ratio stands out with 67% and capacitive touchscreen. 
You can store up to 256GB of data where internal RAM capacity comes around 3GB. The battery backup of this device designed with non-removable Li-Ion 2900mAh. You may be excited with the camera options of this phone. It has dual 12MP of primary camera and 7MP of the secondary camera which is enough to take high-quality of videos and pictures.

Features of Apple iPhone 7 plus

There are few notable features available with Apple iPhone 7 plus device. Here we have listed those unique benefits for your reference.
  • Fingerprint sensors used to lock and unlock the phone.
  • It also has accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass and barometer sensors.
  • Easy to edit document with the help of document editor
  • It has the audio/video/photo editor too.
  • Capable of supporting various types of videos and audio formats
  • These are certain notable features from the Apple iPhone 7 plus. It may increase your excitement to get this brand new phone from our lucky giveaway.

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Saturday, December 1, 2018

HP Achieves $ 16 Billion in Third Quarter of 2018

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HP Inc's quarterly revenue exceeded analysts' estimates, driven by growth in notebook and desktop PC sales, with net revenue rising 10.3% to $ 15.37 billion, while analysts expected revenue of $ 15.1 billion.  

According to India's TOI, HP Inc shares were marginally higher in a wide range of trades. Personal systems, which accounted for more than 60% of total revenue, rose 11% to $ 10.06 billion, Analysts estimate $ 9.78 billion.

As far as personal computers are concerned, we've been affected a lot, especially because of the lack of previously announced CPUs," said David Rejek, analyst at Sascohana Financial Group.
The company ranked second in world PC shipments in the third quarter with a market share of 22.8 percent, down from 23.9 percent from the previous quarter, according to data from International Data Corp..

HP said its print revenue rose 9.1 percent to $ 5.30 billion, slightly below analysts' estimates of $ 5.31 billion.
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